Knife’s Edge (videos + haiku in 2 variations)

My posts have probably become redundant, but I think it’s necessary to reprogram ourselves to the real science and facts to counter the corporate media’s lies. I think the more we validate and spread the truth, the cognitive dissonance spell can be broken.

Autopsy proof that vaxxed people who died of “covid” actually died from the injections:

Fate is a coin toss
Live now, like it’s your last chance
We’re on the knife’s edge

Whatever’s coming
Get ready for anything
God bless you my friend.

War is happening: (graphic footage) of people fighting back against genocide:

Police brutality in Amsterdam, this is why the people have to fight! Civil disobedience against unjust laws is true patriotism.

We are not the minority, Msm says thousands protested I think the numbers are much higher than that:

How to free yourself:

“You’re never unarmed”:

“edge of a knife” Protect yourself, get prepared, form communities:


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