More of Us 🙏❤️

Dark times we’re forced to live through make us stronger in the end? The last two videos are hopefully uplifting, like saving dessert for last. Is it strange to post tragedy and comedy together? I’ve been posting a lot lately and think I’ need to slow down or take a break soon. I feel frazzled, sleep deprived, depressed. I’m still waiting to get the axe from work and my plans of relocating to FL are getting slim.

Life in limbo. Walls and ceilings caving in, spiritual warfare overtime. If I thought my posts were making a difference I’d have fuel to soldier on but I’m realizing that I’m preaching to the choir, (thank you choir!) :), my audience is already aware of the evil shenanigans, no red-pills necessary. But before I take a break I want to post a critique of the latest Matrix film, “Resurrections”. I signed up for HBO Max just to see it and I’ve already canceled the auto renewal ha!

Nano/graphene Transhumanism, more nano evidence in the shot and causal information about vax injuries and deaths:

PCR test fraud, common cold treated as if it was covid:

The Real Anthony Fauci” is a bestseller on Amazon but it’s censored everywhere:

To catch a predator parody: 😂🤣

More of us 🙏❤️, I found this video comforting:


  1. I know what you mean about the world crashing in on one.

    I just got an email from my social worker today saying they’re going to cancel my government disability pension on me. 😱

    Looks like everybody is being targeted in these times.


    1. I’m so sorry to hear that! How is that legal? Why are they doing that? It’s like every government institution has become tyrannical, taking away our rights and benefits. Can you appeal? Evil people!

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      1. I’m going to try to appeal, Judy.

        I have the feeling that somebody in the Alberta government doesn’t like my anti-vaxx writing and is so seeking to persecute me for my beliefs.


  2. You may be preaching to the choir Judy, but if it wasn’t for your posts, informing me and giving me confidence, I wouldn’t have been able to stand up to the various and recent ‘grillings’ and bullying from family and friends, about vaccinations, which sends messages out there to the people who need to hear them.
    You’re making people feel less alone and supported. Seeds get scattered and the only reason seeds can’t be seen is because they’re small, but look at what they can grow into ? There’s always reverberations, a cause and effect. There are bigger things happening as a result of your posts that you can’t see, which are a blessings to me and the other people who read them and appreciate them.

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    1. Thank you so much Sue. Your words are very comforting to me. I think it’s psychological warfare to pit family against family, that’s the worst part of this plandemic, that they divided us from each other and made us feel crazy/alone. It shows how strong you are to resist the pressure and misinformation from family/friends, you’re brave to share the truth! I’ve sadly lost friends over this and it’s upturned my life but I’m still hoping that once truth is seen, it becomes more apparent and it’ll become totally obvious. Your support helps me to recharge my batteries and continue. Your comment helps me enormously!

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      1. Thank you Judy. I’m so glad. You’re doing so much good work here. I’m sorry you have lost friends and I know that the friendship I had with this person, is over. But who needs friends like that anyway? What I’ve realised in hindsight is, she was actually panicking. They’re running scared, which is why they are asking so many questions. She’s going travelling extensively this year. As I left, she said, ‘I’m going to live each day as if it is my last. as I might drop dead next year.’
        A strange thing to say.
        And as for family, well…I think we’re seeing this biblical verse ring true right now.
        ‘The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.’
        – Luke 12:53

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      2. Thank you Sue. I think you’re right, they are panicking because the cracks are showing. Sounds like your friend subconsciously knows the vax is harmful. Maybe if/when she realizes what’s happening, she’ll reach out to you again. I’d like to travel too, but can’t, if it was just my child and I, we’d already have left CA in 2020. That Bible verse describes it so clearly! Amazing prophecy come true, I didn’t quite understand the verse until the context of now. Why else would family be against family? deception = pharmakeia, no wonder the two snakes intertwined like DNA is their symbol for medicine.

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  3. Ah, you know those popular words, “Never give up!” I know you are preaching to the choir but somehow it gives those of us who are in that choir more encouragement and determination to go on because it solidifies the fact we are united! So sorry also for the frustration and undue stress you are experiencing from the woes of living in socialist CA. I encourage you to keep envisioning that move to freedom loving FL. Never, never give up! Your posts are invaluable to all of us! 🙂

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    1. Thank you my friend! I think our only chance is in waking up everyone, strength in numbers is our weapon. I’m pausing a bit to regroup, but will keep posting what I find. I appreciate your supportive comment, WG. 🙏❤️

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      1. So glad you are hanging in and practicing some much needed self care too. Yes, I’ve spent several days catching up on some Mel K podcast interviews which reiterate much of the info you share, peeling away so many layers to look at the far greater picture of what is really happening… Truly, we only have ourselves to rely on — no one else will fight this war between good and evil for us. We MUST prevail! 🙏❤️❤️ Stay strong. Stay sane.

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      2. I don’t trust Mel K or Charlie Ward, they’re part of QAnon. I think they’re controlled opposition just like Trump but they leak some credible information. The hardest part of this war is knowing what’s true. Information war. I agree that we have to rely on ourselves and keep questioning. True science and truth can stand being tested, but lies fall apart when inspected carefully. I think we can win this war, 🙏❤️we have no other option!

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      3. Wow! You know I value your opinion and I know you also dig deep into research so this throws me back a bit especially about Mel K. Charlie I am so so about…Simon I liked listening to because he has a calming, kind voice but I do question some of the info and think he’s radically changed his narrative from forecasting to saying it’s up to us, so I’ve become a bit disappointed and disillusioned. But Mel and some of those she’s interviewed made sense so… Curious to know if you also don’t trust Gen. Flynn, Sheriff Mack, and many others who participate in the freedom rallies. I listened to a CFFS podcast tonight on propaganda with reps from The Epoch Times and New American. Quite alarming but makes it easier to understand how so many fell asleep under the spell and might not wake up because they’ve been so conditioned. 😦


      4. Thanks WG, I try to sift through information and when I notice a pattern it gets my suspicions up. I’ve only seen a few of Mel K’s podcasts from last year, one of which she talked with Roseanne Barr. Roseanne Barr I think is definitely controlled opposition, she interviewed Juan O Savin a few times. Juan O Savin is another character in the QAnon distraction. I include Trump, Gen. Flynn, Charlie Ward, Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, (pretty much all of them). I don’t know who Sherriff Mack is though.

        These players/actors are there to give false hope, false expectation that “white hats” are fighting for us and we should “trust the plan” which translates to do nothing. QAnons think politicians have been arrested/executed. It’s another betrayal of the patriots.

        The freedom rallies unfortunately don’t accomplish much and they make the participants vulnerable to germ warfare at the events. A recent post of mine covered the “covid deaths” of 3 famous QAnons after they attended a rally. They were killed by hospital protocol, put on ventilators/murdered was what happened. Robert David Steele was one of the dead QAnons. He was ex-CIA (no such thing) he was a psyop, not sure why he was killed.

        This is an information war, the tactic is to flood misinformation both credible and false from the same source, to discredit the truths that are being revealed at the same time. Many or most that are “on our side” actually aren’t. The biggest of those is Trump. He is an actor playing a role. One minute he’s condemning Hillary Clinton, the next he’s praising her. He’s a liar and a murderer for promoting the death shots. I’m advice is to be cautious and look at many forms of information from different sources. The more polished their production, the more suspicious they are in my opinion those are the paid “truthers”.

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      5. Thank you so much for your insights, as being relatively new to the game, I don’t have a plethora of authentic patriots to listen to. Your explanation of QAnons as those who “think politicians have been arrested/executed,” greatly helps because when I hear some say that I find it unbelievable. (I fell down that rabbit hole with Simon shortly after the election. You are correct; it gave me great hope but even greater disappointment to see it was false info.)

        And while I don’t listen to MelK all the time, I could have sworn she was also encouraging listeners to do their research, and also that we can’t expect Left or Right, Dems or Republicans to do this; it is up to the people. Her interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis on fake PCR tests or with Cathy O’Brien on mind control: I thought were credible. Still, I do see she is linked with Simon and Charlie so perhaps that is enough to determine she is QAnon. Your commentary and insights do make me wonder.

        As far as Trump, I understand what you are saying about the love/hate Hillary commentary but I wrote it off as it being the way with most politicians. I thought Trump promoted the vax because he was being accused of doing nothing. Still, I’d take him over Biden any day.

        You are so excellent with research, if you ever decide to do a post on how to identify QAnon versus true patriots I think it would greatly help all of us. Thank you for all you do!


      6. Unfortunately Mel K is part of Q listening to them is like poison, they will lead people to more confusion and passivity. Everyone says “do your own research”, when you do the research you’ll see who Mel K works with. There is no Red vs Blue, both parties are controlled. Trusting on Trump is falling for their lies. He was never for the patriots, he used them. Look at how he abandoned the Capital rioters who are still imprisoned because of him. Don’t fall for him WG. He knows what’s in the death shots. He’s also a pedophile who was best friends with Epstein and Clinton, Bill Gates and the rest.

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      7. Admittedly, a lot of this is hard to swallow and confusing so please bear with me.

        MelK, for instance, has been talking about the plans for AI replacing God, nanotechnology, the need to group with like minded (tribe/patriots) which I thought was also in the Dr. Madej video you offered.

        I do believe the people need to unite in saying NO, so it’s hard to think someone should not go to a patriot rally to gain strength, encouragement, and make contacts for the fight. In the back of my mind, I do question if the upcoming DC event or any big patriot rally is a set-up to arrest those of us exercising our rights but I also realize we can’t succumb to more fear (which is what they want). If we do not unite we will remain in the same pathetic enslavement of apathy.

        As far as Trump, while I did not initially support him, once the rhetoric began to impeach early on, and I compared his love of country to their hate for America, I moved from moderate liberal to the other side. Perhaps I don’t listen to enough news aka propaganda to learn more about him. I do not believe the Capital rioters are imprisoned because of Trump but because they were set-up by Pelosi and her gang. To me, that was obvious in the moment.

        To lose all faith will make me feel hopeless and I cannot do that or I may as well roll over and die. Still, I am open minded to hear what you uncover and isn’t it wonderful that we can still share our own individual opinions and still be friendly with each other? 🙂 Keep up the great work; I’m always interesting in learning what you uncover!


      8. Nanotechnology is in our environment in our foods and air, not just in the death jabs but they have tracking/tagging and parasites also.

        Use caution and extra discernment, that’s my opinion. I listen to various sources of information knowing it could be half-true or totally false. We have to shift through the information more than once and look for the patterns to validate what’s going on. As I mentioned, controlled opposition will give some truths to gain a following/gain trust.

        Many famous QAnons were recently killed by hospital protocol/Covid spread at rallies. I would be wary of going to the DC rally or you should wear a gas mask, seriously. Public outcry has been going on for months in Europe, slowly the effect is happening there but it’s slow in coming. Local rallies are better and cheaper, why risk flying to DC? I’ve lost faith in the political system, it’s a total sham.

        Trump was never good. If he was in office the death injections would still have gone out, he’s a liar who said he’d put Hillary in prison then he praised her. He’s an actor, was in in the screen actors guild until they kicked him out for publicity. His son-in-law, Kushner owns a bldg in NYC with a 666 address, they are so stupid with their Luciferean symbolism. Once you research this, it’ll be evident beyond a doubt. Look through my past posts, the evidence is all collected here. I don’t research this for fun, it’s the opposite of fun. Once you’re red-pilled you will see everything will new eyes.

        Lose faith in the judicial and political system, have faith in God. I think that’s the only hope we ultimately have. Even if this death vax is defeated They will keep trying. This is not a new agenda, it’s ancient.

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      9. I do think you are absolutely correct. Our only hope is continuing to believe in and support God (which they want to eliminate). Do know how very much I appreciate your investment and willingness to educate all of us! 🙂

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      10. Thank you, WG. I’m learning as I go, going through dead ends and wrong turns but after awhile I can spot the subterfuge. I feel invested in doing this research because I feel they’ve manipulated us for our entire lives and I’m furious about being tricked. I grew up as a Christian and went away from my faith during high school/college. Now I’ve returned to Christianity and I feel fortunate. I needed this wake up call to get me away from New Age occultism which is satanic/lucifearean in disguise. I’m going to write about that sometime. Thank you for reading and being open to what I write about.

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      11. Truth seeking and telling may indeed be your calling, Seoul Sister!

        While I don’t call myself a Christian per se, I do believe in God and am open to the Tao which I think both provide better ways of living (than without any spirituality).

        Each of us get wake-up calls and I’m glad you recognized yours. The information you and a few other bloggers provided confirmed some of what I already knew but also revealed many more layers I hadn’t contemplated and was, thus, my wake-up call. While I come from the standpoint of “take what you like and leave the rest,” and sometimes it takes me longer to find my way through the brush, I am definitely open to hearing most of what any reasonable person offers. Truly, I appreciate what you write about and your unwavering commitment! 🙂 A wholehearted thank you (for being patient while I’m learning too).

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      12. Thank you WG! I hope my posts can help to validate what others are also sharing/exposing about our world. I’ve always wanted to live my life in a meaningful way and I’m glad I get to do that through writing. I’ve been helped and supported by God all of my life and I want to be in service to good, a warrior for God.

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      13. When listening to several of MelK’s podcasts last week, I found her encouraging and inspiring for patriots to unite, and not rely on politicians to do it for us. But, perhaps, guilt by association is a more true test of who to listen to….

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