The Time is Now: Hologram Plan, Black Rock and Blue Milk

Depopulation via a Corona virus pandemic prediction from 1994, a fake Alien invasion using holograms. The dates were off just slightly, the crown’s pandemic was supposed to happen in 2018 but 2020 is very close:

Agenda 21 Depopulate 95% of the world by 2030:

Beijing 2022 New Years hologram show with a needle going into space

echoes the Seattle 2022 NY show where the Space Needle also transformed into a rocket shot into the moon:

Predictive Programming: The Space Needle New Year’s Eve 2021 & 2022

Blackrock and Vanguard own everything:

Vaxxed mom’s Blue milk:


  1. It’s true.

    The investment companies Blackrock and Vanguard do own everything.

    They own all of the Big Pharma companies and all of the big Mainstream Media outlets.

    Their shareholders are the Rothschilds, the Bush Family, the British Royal Family, the Vanderbilts, The Du Ponts, the Morgans and the Rockefellers.

    Positively shocking about the vaxxed mom’s blue milk. 😱

    So Beijing is now showing a needle going into space?

    Maybe Xi is the evil Emperor Xenu (according to the science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard’s bizarre theology) who destroyed the planet Helatrobus several trillion years ago according to Hubbard.

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    1. We lived under their invented reality, makes perfect sense. The aristocrats lord over the planet.

      The babies born now are doomed I think unless the mom’s resist the death jab. Blue = nano? 🥺

      Strange for both USA and China to show the symbolism of a needle launching into space.

      Hubbard was insane? Did he really believe his fiction?

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      1. Yes, I don’t know whether Hubbard believed his own science-fiction or whether he just used it to create his own money making religious cult.

        I can picture Tom Cruise doing a commercial for Dianetics holding a copy of Hubbard’s Dianetics as he sits in the cockpit of a rocket bound for the moon and says in the manner of that old American Express Commercial, “Don’t leave home without it.”

        Just as John Travolta’s own moon rocket comes crashing back to Earth as the Saturday Night Fever hit song Stayin’ Alive comes to a screeching halt.

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  2. There are a bunch of videos that talk about SpaceX, and how the elites have been trying to break the firmament (dome) that shields the earth from the water that surrounds us.

    I know you’ve said you’re not into the flat earth thing (and that’s cool), but the needle being launched into space reminds me of that whole thing, i.e., trying to break the dome.

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    1. Things have gotten so crazy, who knows what’s what anymore. The only certainty is They’ve been lying to us. I personally think flat earth is a psyop but who knows. There’s definitely a cover up, but I believe in an alternative theory. I’m going to post about it soon. I’ve been hesitating because of the conspiracy theory label but I’m sure some readers already think I’m naive or nuts. I should just post without censoring myself.

      I thought the needle/rocket image hinted at an alien/Transhumanism theme, creepy Saturn seemed prominently featured. Saturn/Cronos was worshiped as the sun in the ancient world. Saturn/Satan=Sun/Lucifer. There are theories that there were 2 suns in the sky in the ancient world (like Star Wars). I should post about that too. Many mysteries!

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      1. There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there about the 2 suns in the sky thing. I wish I had the time/energy to explore it all. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there really were. Everything else has been lied about, why not that too?

        I know what you mean about the self censorship and not wanting to be labeled. I’m hesitant too, but I think I’m at a point to just write for myself now.

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      2. I’m not sure if the ancient world having two suns theory was a celestial event or what. It’s interesting to imagine. I get worried that readers will reject the credible plandemic information if I post if I post about more bizarre topics. I guess it’s just what it is. Reality is crazier than we can even imagine.

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  3. You know…I’ve been considering recently, that the whole alien thing is advance propaganda so that when they’ve created transhumans after all the boosters and people have essentially become aliens that they will already accept the idea… At this point, nothing is unbelievable anymore…

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  4. It is all there for those with eyes to see, and those who critically think for themselves and who take the time to dive deep… And not believe all they are told in the MSM…
    Trouble is, people do not want to see…. or believe….
    The wake up time is NOW … And there is most likely a plan for a fake invasion of some kind in the works … Whether that be outer space or from Foreign soils. … Eyes Wide Open and if its on the MSM…. You can bet its not real…
    Sending LOVE and Hugs Seoul Sister… ❤ Things are starting to unfold now at a rapid pace… ❤

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    1. I agree with you Sue. The time is now but the mass delusion is seemingly irreversible for some. I heard that 1/3 were always awake, 1/3 will never wake up but the rest can go either way. We have to make the elites understand that we have the power. We the peasants grow the food, and do every labor that the elites won’t, they are helpless in reality but we give them absolute authority with our compliance. So frustrating! If the fake invasion is enacted, we’ve run out of time. But I believe evil will never ultimately win. Love and hugs to you my friend ❤


      1. Evil has already lost… The battle is still but playing out within our reality dear Seoul Sister…
        Hold fast, for things will start to unfold fast now as the dominoes fall and new light is shed on this illusion and evil plan..
        Sending love and well wishes Love conquers all… And Light extinguishes Darkness.. ❤

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      2. Your comment is good medicine for my heart, thank you Sue Dreamwalker. Evil knows it’s lost, it’s not very smart to go against the Almighty Creator. God is love to me and is also fierce in justice. Evil is slavery, that’s the battle I know we’re fighting an ancient war. I think we’re God’s army of human angels on earth. ❤

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      3. We are all on this journey together dear Seoul Sister… Each of us help each other.. As we navigate our way through this experience..
        I have hold anticipation that soon many things are going to be exposed for what they are..
        And no one is going to escape the Universal Laws of Karma, as Cause and Effect will be put into motion for all concerned..
        Much love right back.. ❤

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