Event 201 + Sesame Street Promoted the Great Reset, Hospitals Are Death Camps

The Plan, clips from Event 201, exploitation of Haiti, Build Back Better by Bill Clinton:

Sesame Street is sick. Grover brainwashed the children about the Great Reset! We were betrayed from the start, since infancy they manipulated us.
The subliminal compliance was always evident, they mocked us in every way possible and we let them. Desensitization is a numbness to reality. I instinctively sensed that the temperature guns were a symbol of nihilism, this is how programming works. The third eye represents the seat of inner awareness/intuition, there are no accidents in this plandemic. I bet if the anal testing for covid was the only option available, the Sheeple would’ve been sodomizing themselves 24/7. 🤡🌎

Hospitals are the new death camps. They’ve been murdering healthy people by sedating them, putting them on ventilators, starving them of food and water, holding them hostage against their families’ wishes. Stay away from these medical serial killers, that is what they are:

Non-compliance will exhaust them, I love the airline worker’s reaction, ha!

Vaccinate your thong”:



    1. They wouldn’t have a chance against the entire world. This is our collective power that lies dormant. The key is we have to wake up as many as possible that’s our only chance. The courts are corrupted, officials bribed and blackmailed…nothing will change without upturning their secret societies and condemning the destroyers of our world. I actually believe it’s possible. So many are awake, this revolution won’t stop.

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    1. I have my share of stories too, the cruelty of starving healthy people and not letting family see them to say goodbye is the worst. They need to be held accountable for murder. Do no harm is their motto, what a lie!

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