Apocalypse = Revealing = Red Pill

Watch out for 666. Cheesy but accurate video from the 90s. How long has this plandemic been going on?


“You will continually hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end [of the age]. Mathew 24:6”



  1. Excellent although startling info. Admittedly, I am surprised the moderator touts Lindell (if Lindell is QAnon). Apologies for my wandering through the brush while seeking sunlight. I have heard many of the things Dr. Madej discusses like nanotechnology, AI intended to replace God, and transhumanism but also appreciate her suggestions to return to basics and discernment. God help us all indeed.

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    1. I think a bit of paranoia can’t be helped nowadays because information and reality are being hidden. Controlled opposition is a technique they’ve used just like propaganda. Lindell seems a bit nuts to me and might not know what’s going on, why on earth would he be invited to the WH to meet with Trump during the election fraud? I’m sure there are members of Q that don’t know/don’t have power and are just “trusting the plan” but listening to their propaganda is harmful. I think it’s important to use discernment by not relying on the same sources of information. Controlled opposition discloses half-truths. Go on bitchute, search for topics and start watching videos there instead. You’ll see a pattern that shows what each channel posts and that should let you know who/what they’re affiliated with. I watch the channels that don’t blame “Jews”, and don’t have the Q branding. Qanons interview each other so it makes it easy to see how they’re affiliated. I like Dr. Madej and hope she’s on the righteousness side.

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      1. Hmmm, all good guidance I will keep in mind… When I heard Kyle Rittenhouse’s negative commentary, for instance, about Lin Wood I was taken aback. Oh so much to sift through…I can see why people want to close their eyes and go on living their life…but I also realize that to do that is giving up to enslavement.

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