False Flags: Suspicious Explosions: Tonga and 911

Nothing to see here folks, just explosions right before eruption and collapse. The volcanic eruption in Tonga reminds me of the strange explosions that happened during 9/11 in the WTC buildings. Why did the nearby buildings that weren’t hit by planes collapse as if by demolition?

Explosion near Tongo right before volcanic eruption:

Tonga to adopt Bitcoin, is this related to the explosions?: https://www.thecoinrepublic.com/2021/10/05/tonga-to-adopt-bitcoin-as-a-national-currency-just-like-el-salvador/


911 explosions and building collapse:

WTC 7 explosions caught on film before its collapse, workers also reported loud noises above them and excessive dust in the air vents, weeks before 9/11 occurred.