Poem: Tears Have Washed Our Eyes (haiku in 3 variations) + a collection of short videos

The devil is here.
The Lord of the Rings is near
Voldemort risen.

Dear God help us all
We’re lost ever since the fall
Lead us out of hell.

Tears have washed our eyes
Truth has lifted the dark veil
Illusions dispersed

Digital identity, the mark of the beast system:

Stats from before and after the death shots:

Vax injured UK pharmacist gives statement to the police:

“Murder is murder” excellent speech:

QAN, the only mainstream network that’s reporting the news, doctors are paid for Covid deaths: I might’ve posted this already but it’s worth watching several times to let the truth sink in:

(Song) Silence:

Transhumanism, their new frontier:


  1. Great videos, Judy. I hate to say it, but my attention span must be lower than it once was. I gravitate towards shorter videos now.

    Transhumanism is such an evil, demonic concept. I’m going to stay a pure blood or die trying. Our world is insane.

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    1. Thanks, Crandew. I know what you mean about short videos and attention span, I think it has to do with all the radiation of emf makes it hard to concentrate. I used to be able to work while listening to long podcasts but now that I’m fired I guess I could listen while cleaning my apt :). I’m going to post my tin foil hat theories soon who cares what sheeple of me think at this point.

      I truly think that AI could be a portal for demonic entities because AI are soulless intelligence. Humans playing/replacing God by creating AI is an evil idea.

      The concentration camps already exist and FEMA is replacing nurses for vaccination. I’m going to fight too to stay pure blooded, but they can force it in us in the camps. It’s a nightmare. People don’t want to believe this is possible but They control the world through fear and crisis. If they release smallpox or Marburg, they can start a real pandemic. Sorry to be so negative but that’s where my mind goes defensively, to see all the worst case scenarios.

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      1. I’m looking forward to your tin foil hat theories. Believe me, there’s no belief too strange or out there. Everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs.

        Good take on the AI thing. Spot on.

        The concentration camps are a big concern. I’ll run or fight before ever going anywhere with these people. Those camps are death camps as far as I’m concerned.

        It’s ok to be negative… it’s the end of the world.

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      2. Thanks, Crandew. The more that’s uncovered, the stranger it gets. I agree, better to get killed resisting arrest than to go to the camps. The “fema camps” keep showing up in films to normalize the idea, make them seem safe. “For your protection” bs. Negativity does has a purpose, I’m going to fight until the end.

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  2. I love your poem Judy. It gave me chills. It shows the glaring clarity of the situation in a very powerful and profound way. Very visual, Hell has opened up here on earth.
    I thought the video with the pharmacist who went to the police is amazing. Hope it gives other vax injured people the courage to report it to the police too. God Bless him, hope he recovers.

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    1. Thank you Sue. I feel a bit shell shocked, bracing for whatever is coming. I was impressed with the pharmacist too, it’s not easy to go against the medical system and his career, he gives a specific credibility. If more people reported it as a crime it would be finally acknowledged. It’s definitely a crime! I hope he recovers too. I hope we can all recover, what they’ve done is so wrong.

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