It’s Happening! International Trial of Crimes Against Humanity (Nuremberg 2.0)

Edit: 2/10/22 This is a simulation, an unofficial, mock trial but it’s based on real evidence and is meant to draw attention to the real crimes against humanity that is currently happening.

So much condensed truth! Is this the beginning of the end of the Plandemic?

God bless Dr. Reiner Fuellmich


  1. Just watched the whole thing this morning, and while I applaud their efforts, no question, there seems to be a major piece missing… the defendants are usually jailed during a trial, and not released until after the outcome.

    Even if they find all these characters guilty, and we all know the tyrants are guilty, what then? I’m not trying to be a downer, but the first step is to detain the suspect, then have the trial. Having the trial without first picking up those on trial seems backwards.

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    1. I agree, I think this is a conceptual trial to draw public attention to the crimes but they should’ve done citizen’s arrests or something similar? In the UK there is a police investigation happening because they were obligated to investigate by protestor’s citizen’s arrests. I guess because the official courts are corrupt it has to be in an unofficial court system? It does seem odd.

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      1. The tough thing is that I don’t think we can use the court system to achieve anything.

        There’s a basic principle that states, “you can never change a group from within. By joining it, you have to adhere to its bylaws, but the moment you go outside of that and try to change things, they’ll simply kick you out.”

        I’ve seen this over and over again, and I believe it to be true. I want to see the political tyrants in jail, the medias shut down and the complicit doctors on trial. Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll see any of that.

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      2. I think you’re right but I keep wishing it wasn’t that way. The judges are blackmailed, politicians too. When Max Egan talks about anarchy, I think it’s not possible unless it’s a destroyed world, mad max thunder dome society.

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  2. Yes and we have contacted cases underway here in the UK too one which was started on the winter solstice against four top health officials. Its a long winded process, and one only prays that the judiciary isn’t bought off.
    We also have a police crime number investigating the harms of the MRNA injections.
    I have also been watching the USA senior Johnson investigations have you seen those ongoing gathering evidence especially connecting to military injuries etc.
    Like I said previously.. dominoes are falling.. hold faith. 💕💖💕

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    1. I think the corruption is deeply rooted, it must be dug and pulled out, not cut off from the roots. If people get arrested, I think it will only be the scapegoats not the ones who paid them to do their will. I suppose any progress is good but the tentacles of evil run through every country and every major politician is complicit.


      1. You are right, this evil has been ongoing on every level for hundreds of years. if not thousands. And their plan is deep, and has many layers… London in my own country a huge vipers nest..
        We are making inroads…Slowly…. but surely….
        We all have to hold the line…. And Pray the 100th Monkey affect soon gathers momentum in opening minds and hearts to the truth. ❤

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