Poem: 400 Dead Athletes Within 6 Months (haiku in 3 variations) & VAIDS + Cancer

The long term effects of the jabs doesn’t look good, the vax has elements of HIV in it, did doctors tell us this? Who has the patent? Fauci. VAIDS (vaccine induced AIDS/HIV:

What’s her face:


Senator Ron Johnson, (his efforts are too little, too late and still support the narrative) but it’s something:

400 Athletes dead in 6 months:

We’re not questioning 
The new heart attack normal
which targets the young

We’re not questioning
400 dead athletes
All dead in 6 months

We’re not questioning
Following orders like slaves
To their slaughterhouse.


  1. It is very weird and outright bizarre that not many people are questioning the new heart attack normal that attacks the young (who usually aren’t prone to heart attacks) and the fact that there are now 400 dead athletes within the past 6 months.

    One very powerful side effect of this plandemic is that most people seem to have lost the ability to think and analyze.

    The most basic question on which Science has its foundation is the question Why?

    And the answer to that question Why? is not seeking prefabricated answers that have been made up ahead of time by one Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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    1. I think it’s the strangest part is the lack of cognitive function in people. Do they just block our reality? I guess they think what I post is fake news while they’re watching Anderson Cooper, the CIA groomed, Vanderbilt elite. 🤡🌎

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  2. Great videos! I don’t get how anyone who reads your blog could deny any of this if they took the time to watch even just a few of the videos. The evidence is overwhelming. Sad to think that this is still just the beginning, and when they really start dropping, it could be in the millions at a time.

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    1. Thank you! I think most don’t watch or check out the links I post so I try to capture screenshot images and make it obvious but…it’s really become like pod people repeating whatever msm says. Even as they’re dying they’re clueless?!

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      1. I’m not suggesting that my readers are pod people 🤗. It’s ironic that people that don’t need to see the videos watch them and vice versa, many pod people view but don’t like my posts. I guess they’re curious but not enough.

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      2. I did see the new Matrix, but I need to watch it again. They packed a lot into it and I’m not sure if I liked it very much, especially compared to the first one from years ago.

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