Poem: The Great Reset QR Code (haiku in 2 variations): + video

This is what the mandates were really about, that and sudden/slow genocide. Look at all the information they’ve already stolen, accessible through the QR code:

We never agreed to this privacy invasion. What right do they have to load all of our personal data into the vaccine pass? This was always their goal, “for your protection” of course, they need our income and credit scores to protect us from Covid-19? Liars. They’re technically stalking us. They want absolute control.

It’s already here!
The social credit system!
Big Brother is now!

How much do you make?
How obedient are you?
What’s your credit score?

What is the Social Credit System?:

“China is about to become something new: an AI-powered techno-totalitarian state,” writes journalist John Lanchester. “The project aims to form not only a new kind of state but a new kind of human being, one who has fully internalized the demands of the state and the completeness of its surveillance and control. That internalization is the goal: agencies of the state will never need to intervene to correct the citizen’s behavior, because the citizen has done it for them in advance.”

…”The great majority of Chinese pay for consumer goods and services using smartphone apps or their faces, via facial recognition technology”

…“In theory, police don’t have to show up at the suspect’s door to make him pay for his disobedience. China’s social credit system automatically tracks the words and actions, online and off, of every Chinese citizen, and grants rewards or demerits based on obedience.”

…”Chinese with high social credit ratings gain privileges. Those with lower scores find daily life harder.”

…”The bottom line: a Chinese citizen cannot participate in the economy or society unless he has the mark of approval from Xi Jinping, the country’s all-powerful leader. In a cashless society, the state has the power to bankrupt dissidents instantly by cutting off access to the internet. And in a society in which everyone is connected digitally, the state can make anyone an instant pariah when the algorithm turns them radioactive, even to their family.”

Social Credit system = control + censorship.What’s happening to the truckers in Ottawa is a good example of what is coming for all of us…1984. We have to stop it but how?

“Last week, PayPal announced a partnership with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to “investigate” the role of “white supremacists” and propagators of “anti-government” rhetoric, subjective labels that potentially could impact a large number of groups or people using their service. PayPal says the collected information will be shared with other financial firms and politicians. Facebook is taking similar measures, recently introducing messages that ask users to snitch on their potentially “extremist” friends, which considering the platform’s bias seems mainly to target the political right. At the same time, Facebook and Microsoft are working with several other web giants and the United Nations on a database to block potential extremist content.”



  1. What I read here is why I never trusted the government’s tracing apps that one could download in 2020 to see if you came in contact with someone who has Covid.

    I thought at the time its ultimate goal was to track you.

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    1. I thought that too, that it was about contact tracing but why do they include your income and credit score etc? The vax is to chip, track and eventually kill us.


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