The Reality Show We Call Life

I don’t agree with everything he said but for the most part I agree with Egan, the hyped up WW3 in Ukraine is a distraction from the crumbling Covid narrative and vax related deaths. The Globalists move countries like pawns on a masonic chess board, whatever the outcome, they win because they own all sides. The WW3 nuclear war threat…its all to keep us confused and fearful. Don’t be afraid and don’t listen to them. I’m not saying that innocent people aren’t suffering, they are, war always destroys the people not the hidden leaders that pull the strings. The truth is never what the corporate media spins.

Propaganda in “Action!” It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this was real propaganda but I’m not totally convinced because of the lack of context. Perhaps it’s a “crisis simultation” or a movie film shooting (same difference). Shakespeare was right, all the world’s a stage.

I follow the opposite of the corporate narrative to look for the truth. All of know for certain is that globalists run the show and they constantly use False Flags. False flags are traumatic attacks (usually targeted at civilians for greater impact) that are blamed on others. I believe 9/11 and the JFK assassination were both false flag events.

A French reporter said it’s the Ukraine government that’s bombing its own citizens:

False flags in the predictive programming film, “Hunger Games”:

This war has been going on for 8 yrs:

Why so peaceful? This is WW3?:

The Ukrainian comedic actor who became President…Life—it’s all a reality show? The US had Bedtime for Bonzo, Reagan and the Apprentice reality actor, Trump and I’m sure there’s a lineup of more entertainers to come. Actors make the best presidents because they’re the best liars:


    1. Clever quote but if true, than I’m not afraid to laugh, I just don’t share the sense of dark humor. I don’t think it’s God that’s toying with us, I think it’s Lucifer.


  1. I think it’s another obvious psyop (false flag) meant to distract and keep the populous in fear. It’s insane how quickly and thoroughly the public can be diverted. No more talk of truckers, masks, jabs or Cubans. All forgotten for the moment.

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    1. It really is shocking but it’s consistent with the brain dead mentality of blind compliance. They don’t think, they follow other’s thoughts, it’s like they’re a blank slate of amnesia. Is it the fluoridated water that makes people so forgetful or is it apathy? Sad.

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    1. I’ve been wondering where all the posts of blogs that I follow were, I’ve been preoccupied with stress, somehow I’ve lost my blogs so I followed you again just now, I hope you’ve been well! ❤️


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