The Show Must Go On

If you think I’m being uncaring, it’s not that I don’t feel sorry for the people of Ukraine, (I feel sorry for all of us peasants). I think war punishes the innocent and benefits the puppeteers; I’m just showing the puppets and strings.

The President of Ukraine puts on a fabulous show, dancing in stilettos isn’t easy👠👠

A candidate for the Antichrist perhaps, Zelensky the president of Ukraine is quite a performer:

Corporate media’s coverage of the Gulf war, they had a terrible special effects team and bad acting, watch til the end to see the strings:


  1. I did see the Zelensky video and laughed at first then just shook my head. The world is one a shit show at the moment. Not surprised by the CNN video, especially the outtakes at the end. They play make believe with us and laugh about it off camera.

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    1. I heard Zelensky was a comedic reality show actor who became president but I had no idea how radical he was, he worked those stilettos! The news use wind fans and stage the news often, that should be a “news expose”.


      1. He did seem very comfortable in those stilettos!! The way that news anchor was laughing and acting tells you just what they think about real life situations.

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      2. He’s had some practice for sure, what a character! I had no idea the news was like a staged sitcom, with outtakes and joking into between shots. more and more their cracks show. Now they’re holding back food worldwide because of the fake war.


      3. He had that creepy, arrogant laugh. They are holding back food and the price of gasoline continues to rise. Another way to keep the sheeple in line😵

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