Mutants, the New Normal

A new law for mutants. They’ve been selling us superhero mutant storylines for decades, I had no idea it was for a reason:

Not a joke! New genetic mutation law in Chile!
The bottom right image was mistakenly featured as an example of shape shifting in a Stranger than Fiction video. I start to wonder about that channel. All truth information should be researched for credibility.

I think different lots and brands have different elements (parasites, nano worms, morgellons, etc) therefore the range of different vax reactions.

Gates talking about gene editing, nothing suspicious about his 2020060606 patent at all?

I posted a different version of this clip, here’s more information about vaccines turning people into “zombies” that are unable to think via vaccines and low level frequencies. I’ve noticed more road rage, airplane rage, random violence:


  1. Yes, the vaxx is making mutants of a lot of people.

    I noticed a few idiots in the mainstream media in Canada are calling for a “limited nuclear war” against Russia over Ukraine.

    As if nuclear war could be limited.

    I imagine that’s the next big media push.

    They brainwashed the public into accepting DNA altering vaccines , now they’ll brainwash the public into accepting a “limited nuclear war”.

    Which naturally won’t be so limited.

    And of course we know what mutants can be produced as a result of radiation effects.

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    1. I had no idea that Canadians wanted a limited nuclear war! That vax is working overtime—has melted their brains already! Limited nuclear? Ukraine parliament member said they were fighting for “Ukraine and the New World Order (for democratic countries” she added). We’re all going down sooner than expected?

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      1. Yes, it’s starting to look we’re going down sooner than expected.

        I noticed when that Ukrainian MP said that Ukraine was fighting for the New World Order.

        I thought one good reason for Ukraine to lose.

        Ukraine’s current President Volodomyr Zelenskiy and its previous President Petro Poroshenko are both puppets of George Soros.

        They’re fighting for the totalitarian regime of the proposed Great Reset.

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      2. I agree, the war in Ukraine is part of the globalists’ plan, problem is that Putin’s part of it too. It’s a NWO puppet show, which horse of the apocalypse is next—wars, pestilence, famine. But whatever lie msm wants to champion, Ukraine/Zelensky I want to fail. He’s quite an entertainer.

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    1. Yes I agree with you, they prepared us to like mutated humans (superhero X-men) and the Pentagon’s been openly showing flying discs diving into the oceans. I think it’ll be the main show stopper event.

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  2. There has always been a scientific love affair with enhancing the human body, another spin on the “God complex”. There was a reference to gene editing in an episode of FBI. A company claimed that they had a cure for cancer through gene editing. That parasite video is unnerving. To think that we are being experimented on is disheartening. There is definitely more erratic behavior in these days.

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    1. My mom had gene therapy to treat cancer, I think it made her worse. I think they’ve put the parasites in food too, they can put “vaccines” in produce. The idea of half robotic parasites is so Matrix-like.

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