The Show Must Go On: Part 3

If everyone with a conscience and a platform did this, we’d be free. Aaron Lewis:

NWO says Joe:

“There’s gonna be a New World Order out there and we’ve got to lead it”

Joe Biden, Puppet-in-Chief

Ukraine isn’t a democracy:

Putin makes a lot of sense. The US is fucked. Who are the villains, who are the heroes? Russians did fight against the Nazis during WWII and neo-Nazis are fighting for Ukraine…what’s the truth?

In an upside down world, is Russia/Putin not the villain? Russia has better propaganda techniques that’s for sure, US public relations/marketing team is full of shit 💩. Russians have always been smarter than Americans. Does privilege and leisure make us stupid?
F the NWO



  1. The Truth is the German’s were NOT NAZI’s. America fought with the commies in WW2 who are ashkeNAZI’s as that is what NAZI really is! America is run by the racist terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911! That is a FACT!

    The NAZI’s for the Ukraine fight for the ashkeNAZI’s as that is who Zelensky is!!

    Khazarian ashkeNAZI’s are satanic zionist commies!! Not semitic or real joos!!

    America fights on the WRONG side of every war. Every war is an ashkeNAZI yid war!

    They play both sides of the false narrative as the truth is completely outside of it!

    Here is a good piece on what is a NAZI which was not written by me but confirms my research.


    1. I’ve heard of the ashkenazis, who weren’t really Jews, that makes sense. A Ukraine representative and Biden just recently stated they were fighting for the NWO. 9/11 was definitely an inside job, who the key players were I’m not certain, but globalism is their ultimate one tyrannical government plan. Hitler was a Luciferean occultist and the US military imitated their MK Ultra torture/brainwashing via project paperclip.


      1. First of all, the holohoax is complete nonsense as Hitler did not dispose of the subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yids. Hitler was right about most everything as that is why they had to destroy him.

        ItsaHELL’s mossaud even admitted they did the controlled demotion on 911.

        The ashkeNAZI yids also did slavery in America, not white people at all!!

        Everything is completely inverted. It takes time to unravel it all.

        The NWO is a satanic zionist/free mason/ Jesuit/ bankster plan. The protocols of the learned elders of zion spells it all out in detail which was written in 1898. It is not a forgery in the least, it tells you exactly what they have done. Both Henry Ford and Hitler pointed this out in detail.

        But the satanic zionists control the propaganda media and unfortunately that controls the minds of men!


      2. I don’t know a depth of information on this but I do believe that Hitler was an elite, part of the Rothschild group and he was an occultist as all the Freemasons are, that includes Henry Ford. Basically the famous never could reach their levels of status without being part of this freemason group. I dislike how many truthers blame Jewish people as if they are all the same. It’s the elites that are the evil not any ethnic group.


      3. I do not know the total truth as the blood elite certainly control too much. All US presidents are related (B- blue bloods which mean the iron content makes the blood turn blue when exposed to oxygen). Presidents are selected not elected.

        I am white so I am done with all the Racism coming towards me that has been fomented by the ashkeNAZI yids (they are not real jews nor are they semitic) and all the comatose lefties, as all they do is psychologically project what they are guilty.

        I am not the racist they are completely. This is the Orwellian inversion completely!!

        But these are FACTS and the mind control most people are under makes it very difficult for people to comprehend FACTS. That is the Brave New World.

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      4. Interesting about blue bloods, I’ve heard too that they’re all related and definitely chosen, not elected.

        It upsets me how racist the self-professed anti-racists (woke) are, there’s an obvious hatred of white people in recent culture that’s absolutely evil. It shows their permanent victim-stance and ignorance. But the biggest racists were white BLM/Antifa against black conservatives. I find it sad that MLK’s character not color message is disrespected among the new “activists”.


      5. Everything is completely inverted and people are confused! The Racists are the ones who psychologically project their RACISM towards others. Lefties have NO logic to discern fact from fiction. KKK slavery democrats are the RACISTS and always have been!!

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      6. It’s biblical.

        “In the last days good will be called evil and evil called good. Woe unto them who call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness into light and lightness for dark. That put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

        You will not find that verse spoken in any organized religion I assure you!!

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  2. “Who are the villains, who are the heroes?” – great question, the only one that really matters. I think they’re all working together (the world leaders). I loved what Aaron Lewis and Tulsi Gabbard said! We do need more of that. Great post (as always).

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    1. Thanks! I’m relieved when people with a platform say the truth, I agree I think the globalist world leaders are all in a theatrical show. Zelensky in particular is a performer.

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      1. Putin was a young globalist leader selected by anal Schwab. All wars are manufactured by the Rothschild led satanic banksters. Just like all big pharma genocides like the current Rockefeller death shot!

        All death and destruction is a business model for these evil satanic scumbags!


      2. I’m sure he is, it’s nice to hope/wish that some puppets would secretly revolt against their puppet masters but most likely they wouldn’t dare. I think there are little battles between the evil doers though, I think they fight for power within their groups.

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      3. For sure they have fights. JFK was a blood elite but he tried to fight the satanic banksters. Andrew Jackson also, Hitler and also Jesus fought the pharisee money changers.

        Same pattern for all of them. They were all attacked!!


      4. I agree with you except for Hitler. I can’t believe that he was a hero. Just watch him deliver any of his speeches, read his manifesto, I skimmed through it briefly while I worked at the library just to see how bad it was and it was full of racist hatred, that man was pure evil. Everything in my intuition tells me that Hitler was an elite (probably a Rothschild). There’s a psyop to make Hitler into a hero but I’ll never believe it.


  3. When Putin said “why did the US invade Iraq… because of weapons of mass destruction” , he basically told the Grandpa Joe and the US government to shut the f… up. We have to wait and see how this all plays out and what spin will be put on it.

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