Dr. Evil’s MIA

I usually present comedic clips at the end but couldn’t resist leading this post with this gem from Freedom Toons:

Being stalked by Fauci 😁🤣😂😆! Btw I’m not a fan of Trump or his warp speed bioweapon:

It’s interesting how you find information, once you notice something it seems to pop up everywhere. I hadn’t heard of Dr. John Coleman until recently, (he exposed the Tavistock Institute and Edward Bernays’ propaganda techniques). In this clip he discusses the depopulation agenda, how the AIDS virus was a bioweapon:

How many people has Anthony Fauci killed and how has he gotten away with it? They forced the deadly AZT drug on AIDS patients that basically guaranteed their death (sounds familiar?). Michael Knowles’ documentary, “Fauci Unmasked” is excellent:

“They’ve corrupted science.” US Truck Convoy that no one cares about:

Corporate Media finally stating the obvious. This was broadcast before the Ukraine war distraction, too little too late:

Last but not least, “You’re the science” 😁:


      1. So sad how long they’re going to drag this out. Variants have always gotten less harmful not more potent/dangerous but with this “pandemic” it’s the opposite? Herd immunity no longer exists? Strange times.

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      2. It seems like the shut downs are a manipulation, covid-19 has created more extremes, billionaires and homeless. I truly think it’s about Build Back Better. The food, gas, product shortages, inflation etc. The people suffer while the politicians prosper.

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      3. Politicians are supposed to be servants of the people but some seem to want to be served by the people. Lots of money flowing from the poor to the rich.


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