Poem: Are We There Yet? (haiku in 7 variations) + Videos

Ummm..Are we there yet?
How much longer will it be?
Waiting’s killing me.

We’re spinning our wheels
Running marathons in place
We’re the Guinea Pigs.

Patience as virtue
Slow-motion tortuous whip
Stop this freak show now!

Please, are we there yet?!
How many more hoops to jump?
So tired, so sick.

Of covid bullshit
Fourth booster will do the trick?
Empty promises.

Heart attack collapse
Swollen hearts and convulsions
Blamed on climate change?!

We’re not that stupid!
You can’t fire me I quit!
Screw your microchip!

“How the hell do you expect to get away with it? We’re not going to let you get away with it…we are coming for you. We have the stamina to hunt you down and we damn well will.”

Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts

Excellent speech:

My apologies in advance:

The power of suggestion, I thought it looked familiar 🤔:


  1. Well done poem.

    I’m also shocked there’s an Australian politician actually opposed to the New World Order.

    I thought they were all Fascists and Nazis in the land down under.

    That’s very fascinating about both the blue and yellow colours of Ukraine being used in Covid ads the past two years.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. He used some stern words, bravo to him. I’m glad there’s a few good apples.

      I thought so too, color coded programming, makes sense to me. Color also effects mood. I think they use many programming techniques on the public.

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  2. An apt poem of our times, Judy. I loved how the tension comes thru in the poem. This heroic Senator proves that the truth cannot be hidden forever. It eventually surfaces to the horror of those who tried so hard to bury it. Our world is a melting pot of conspiracy. Not conspiracy theory, actual conspiracy against us.

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