Poem: We’re Ingesting Pens Because of Them (haiku in 8 variations) + video

We’re ingesting pens
microscopic plastic bits
in water, land, us.

So what should we do?
Continue to sit and spin
obey and reuse?

Nah, we say Hell no.
We’re tired of this clown sh*t show!
We’re not your dumb hoes.

I’m getting tired
Can you tell? I’m cliff diving
with no parachute.

But that’s just today
Check back with me tomorrow
Eating plastic’s gross.

They truly hate us
This is making me morose
Why are we waiting?

It’s true, I’m guessing
I don’t have answers either
How did this happen?

Who said this was right?
When are we gonna fight them?
Plastic’s not dessert.
Insanity. We eat the equivalent of one plastic pen per week or one plastic clothes hanger per month. The main source is micro plastics in the water.


  1. That was a great video! It’s both scary and insane how nonsensical things have become. I sometimes just stop and wonder, is this really happening? The demons have corrupted everything.

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